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October 21, 2019, Author: Contributor

Invest your money so that it can do good in the world and still realise a great return at the same time! Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, thanks to an app created by Fedgroup which enables you to receive returns of between 10% and 16% whilst having positive social impact on the environment.

In our latest issue of Equestrian Life SA Magazine we took a look at “side hustles” for equestrians – including a number of side-gigs which can be undertaken outside of traditional work hours to enable riders to diversify their income streams. If you were looking for something a little more ‘passive’ to bring in that extra cash, then we may have found a better solution for you in light of a growing trend, amongst Millenials specifically, who are looking to create a more positive future for their generation and those to come.

The trend, known as impact investing, is growing within first-world markets as socially conscious investors seek sustainable alternatives to investing in the stock exchange. By investing in businesses that benefit society or the environment (for example, renewable energy, sustainable farming, or infrastructure development), impact investors seek to create positive, long-term change whilst still receiving returns.

Fedgroup has created a mobile app that allows potential investors to own farming assets by providing access to local crowd-farming ventures that deliver competitive returns – including blueberries, sustainable honey and urban solar farms. The process is quickly and effectively managed via the app, enabling you invest and receive income, and enabling farming experts to take care of the actual farming process.

The returns from the investment can be used for passive income or re-invested to grow one’s portfolio.

Projected stats are as follows:

1. Blueberries
Minimum buy-in: R300
Availability (1st project): 96 000 units
Annual return: 12% to 14%
Life expectancy: eight to 10 years

2. Beehives
Minimum buy-in: R4 000
Availability (1st project): 1 500 units
Annual return: 14% to 16%
Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years

3. Solar
Minimum buy-in: R5 200
Availability (current project) 2 000
20 000 solar panels have been installed to date
Annual return: 10% to 12%
Life expectancy: 20 years


Fedgroup’s Impact Farming platform offers a unique wealth creation tool for a new breed of investor. To find out more, visit

Download the app from the Appstore and use the referral code 00WFFWY on signing up