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CANINE HEAVEN ON EARTH : Sloppy Kisses Doggy Daycare, Groomers & Deli  –

October 19, 2019, Author: Contributor

A self-proclaimed “wonderland of wagging tails” accurately sums up Sloppy Kisses. This mom and daughter owned establishment opened up in Olivedale earlier this year with the intention of providing an easily accessible, 5-star daycare and grooming establishment to service the dual working families, the full time employed and those residing in townhouses and apartments. With every aspect of canine care taken into consideration and personal attention paid to every single detail, Sloppy Kisses is quite literally Pet Paradise! 

 Brenda and Janine Cooper have always been in the daycare industry as previous owners of Magic Beings Nursery School. Upon the sale of their school and with a joint passion for animals, this dynamic mom and daughter duo decided to convert passion into profession and the concept of Sloppy Kisses was born. Considering the increase in townhouse and high-density living as well as a trend towards dual working families, the pair noticed a gap for a doggy daycare with on-site dog parlour within the area.  


For many, who work full time and who live in estates or complexes, one of the biggest concerns is the well-being of our pets who inevitably are left home alone all day without stimulation or company. If it doesn’t result in destruction of furniture and personal items, it can often lead to “nuisance barking” which can result in irate neighbours and written warnings from body corporates who are obliged to intervene. Many doggy daycares in Johannesburg are situated in outlying, “agricultural holding” zoned areas which have space and reduced noise restrictions, this does however mean that they’re not easily accessible for the working pet-owner considering the state of peak-hour traffic in the city of gold.  

 Apart from the outdoor play area, which is complete with a bone-shaped swimming pool and a large wooden jungle gym custom built for the canines, Sloppy Kisses is also home to a glamorous dog parlour, a pet deli filled with toys, food, beds and every possible pet accessory as well as a frail care centre and a coffee shop where you can relax or catch up on some work with a coffee whilst overlooking the pet play area. The facility has a number of play areas and have worked with a professional dog behaviourist to determine the best allocations in terms of size and breed to ensure harmonious pet play. They also have a number of dog carers and trainers who supervise the dogs at all times and are trained to interpret dog behavior and non-verbal signals. 



The grooming parlour resembles that of a 5-star resort spa, fitted with wash bays for all dog sizes, individual grooming stations complete with full length mirrors and finished with luxurious royal pink velvet trimmings. One noticeable trait of this grooming parlour is the serenity – one would anticipate continuous barking and noise, but each of the dogs being groomed on the days we visited seemed to be lapping up the attention (literally). Warm water baths, pad and paw treatments, eye, ear and teeth cleaning and nail clipping are included in every treatment with a number of other pampering options available.  


For those looking for pet boarding, Sloppy Kisses have just opened up their kenneling, doggy hotel and cattery. The “cabanas” resemble a scene from a movie, with individual pink wendy-houses that come complete with beds, crystal chandeliers and wall heaters to ensure Fido feels right at home. The hotel is the equivalent of the Palace at the Lost City for pets – each of the rooms comes complete with double bed (and pet staircase to ensure easy access for all breed sizes), private garden and a TV which loops movies like Lassie and Marley and Me. The communal “hotel lobby” has couches and air-conditioning. No expense has been spared in the doggy hotel – the bed linen rivals most boutique hotels and the ‘piece de resistance’ are the little bone shaped biscuits which are left on their pillows during turn-down. We can almost guarantee that dogs who check-in to the doggy hotel may never leave… or may go home with a list of demands for an upgrade on their plastic igloos! 

Apart from being a luxurious place to stay and play, Sloppy Kisses has also taken a very practical approach to pet well-being and care. They have a large swimming pool which will be used for swimming lessons and they offer dog training upon request. They have created a ‘frail care” centre for older dogs as well as those who are recovering from operations and need to be supervised all day, medicated regularly or contained to avoid excessive movement. They also have air-conditioned pick up and drop off shuttle services to assist those who may not be able to get their pets to the facility themselves and will even arrange a birthday party for your dog at an extra fee – complete with party hats, pet-friendly birthday cake and treats for the fur-friends in attendance. 


For those more inclined to cats than dogs, you’ll be pleased to know that they have recently launched their cattery. This indoor and outdoor facility has real and faux trees for climbing and scratching, floating kitty beds and a selection of climbing, playing and resting areas which will appeal to even the most spoilt of felines.  



Address: 169 Church street, Johannesburg North

Mobile:    071 892 5292

Facebook: Sloppy Kisses Doggy daycare, Grooming & Deli