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October 13, 2019, Author: Contributor

As you casually meander through Broederstroom near Hartebeespoort, you may find yourself looking twice (just to check you haven’t gone crazy) as you pass a house casually lying on its roof. No, it’s not the casualty of a tornado or other natural disaster… it’s UpSide Down House – an inspirational idea and engineering masterpiece to let you look at life from a different perspective. 

 The concept of a life-size upside down house originated in Poland, where the very first UpSide Down House was built, and has gone on to become a world-wide phenomenon. The inspiration came from the world feeling upside down sometimes and the house is a literal interpretation of this sentiment. With great success in other countries, the idea of building a similar concept locally was born, in order to share the process, art, illusion and effect with South Africans.  


The inverted nature of the house creates an illusion of gravity and provides the backdrop for endless hours of creative photography and unique poses.  

 The UpSide Down House officially opened its doors to the public on the 6th April 2019. All in all, it took roughly nine months to bring the concept to fruition. The design phase took about four months, with an additional five months for construction. It didn’t come without its challenges however. All the appliances and furniture inside the house are real and, with the house being built at an angle, the appliances would tend to lean away from the walls. The end product was worth the difficulties however, as UpSide Down house has become one of the most visited, talked about and Instagrammed local attractions. 


The venue is constantly expanding and adding more to the facility, so this is not the end – keep an eye out as the UpSide Down house grows and develops! 


UpSide Down House 

Hartbeeshoek Rd, Broederstroom 

063 100 9858 


{photo credits: Zanita van Staden)