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September 13, 2019, Author: Contributor

One of the legends of the sport and #TeamNissan captain, Barry Taylor, on the SA Derby – his best and worst and everything in between:


When walking into the Bob Charter for your SA Derby Championship class: What song would you choose to play on the loudspeakers & why? 

Any good Robbie Williams song . Love his music and i just get into a vibe


Would an alcoholic beverage (or 2?!) before your round help or hinder you – explain your answer.

Definitely no . I tried it at a training show once and I nearly killed myself at 90cm.


If there was one fence you had to jump bareback: what fence would that be and why? 

Number 1 – start on an easy jump . Then maybe the bank and hold tight and close your eyes


What is the toughest fence for you & why?

Generally all the jumps after the dyke , because the horses are getting tired and that’s where the bulk of the faults come

What fence do you love the most & why?

There is no better feeling than getting the bank and planks spot on , but if you don’t it’s going to end badly


Which horse would you least like to ride around the track (not one of yours – someone else’s horse), And why?

Mark White Nissan Capital Don Cumarco – because it would be an impossible act to follow!


Who do you get the most nervous watching & why?

My wife, Lorette, and any of my clients, because we train hard and hope to come to the Derby for success


Cover Photo Credit: Denford Studios

Content Credit: Caroline Malan (The PR Machine)