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10 Signs your Mom is the Ultimate Show Mom

May 11, 2019, Author: Contributor

There is no greater fan than a mom watching her offspring enter the competition ring! But apart from being the ultimate ring-side supporter, show moms have also become adept at handling many other equine tasks with flair and grace…

  1. She no longer assumes her weekend is her own, she simply asks what time you’re loading the horses
  2. She’s knows where everything is… including your eventing medical card and your stock tie – even after you’ve ‘searched’ for it with little success. 
  3. She manages to maintain good horsemanship whist ring side, but confirms your sentiments that you were “robbed” of your rosette once back in the safe proximity of the horse box when you need a shoulder to cry on
  4. She is adept at holding your gloves and crop between the knees, whilst holding your horse or pony as you tack up and simultaneously eating a bacon and egg roll in the other hand, with mobile phone firmly wedged between ear and shoulder, giving dad directions on how to find where the horse box is parked #MultitaskingQueen
  5. She’s never ridden a related distance, but you can hear her counting strides under her breath while watching competitors and making the obligatory gasps when even she realises it’s going to be tight
  6. Her mobile phone videos of your rounds come complete with running commentary akin to a David Attenborough documentary 
  7. Her car resembles a mobile tack shop, complete with complimentary horse odour from the sweaty numnahs in the boot
  8. She affectionately refers to herself as your horse’s Grandmother (because she knows its like your child)
  9. She celebrates with you, consoles you, encourages you and motivates you – and thats just for surviving the warm up arena
  10. She’s the mom clicking her tongue to encourage you to run faster at inter-school athletics